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A Multan-based Law-Firm deals in Constitutional, Corporate, Commercial, Tax, Land Revenue, Contractual, Civil, Family, Criminal and General Practice in the High Courts.
ملتان میں قائم لاء فرم جو اعلیٰ عدالتوں میں آئینی، شرکاتی، تجارتی، ٹیکس ، مالیاتی، معاہداتی ، دیوانی، عائلی،فوجداری و دیگر عام معاملات میں وکالت کرتی ہے۔
الشركة القانونية التي تقع في مولتان وتمارس في قضايا المتعلقة بالقانون الدستورية و الشركات والتجارية والضريبية والعائدات الأراضية والتعاقدية والمدنية والأسرية والجنائية والممارسة العامة في المحاكم العليا.
Firm Profile

Firm Profile

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Pamphlets for Public Awareness, some basis important legal forms and other material.

Our Services

A Little Bit About Our Services.



With offices in Multan, we are accessible provincewide to ensure our clients’ needs are met.


With all attorneys holding Master's or LL.M.’s, we can know more about what can help you succeed.


We have over years combined experience to bring you the most knowledgeable and effective advice.

Best Price

Feel free to negotiate over fixed fee for alike nature cases in future, or different fee varying from case to case.


Working as your part

For our corporate clients, we keep automation and coordination in such integration, that during working we would look like becoming your own department.


Free Case Reporting

We provide free case reporting to our clients, in order to keep thrm adversant with the developments in their case proceedings. Nothing is charged for reporting. Reporting maybe provided through email, or phone call or post or any convenient mean.


Full Secrecy

Under 'Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order 1984', we are under obligation to preserve the information shared by client.


Convenient Online Approach

We are also available onlineto provide consultation, document drafting or checking or vetting, without any need of your personal attendace at law office, and which may be possible through modern means of communication


Paperless Case Records

In order to reduce paper volumes, and enhance convenience, we have converted most of our documentation paperless.

We have done So Far

Our Experience Includes:

• Delivered Visiting Lectures at Law Faculty
• Participated in Int’l Seminars
• Negotiated, Drafted, Vetted and Checked the Int’l Commercial Agreements
• Litigation at Superior Courts of Pakistan
• Legal Consultations for Private and Corporate Clients
• Appeared in High Profile Cases under Taxation Law
• Presented Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) at Superior Court
• Dealt Cases of Constitutional, Taxation, Insurance, Consumer, Banking, Criminal, Civil, Family Laws and General Law Practice

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Feel free to write us for any help.

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